Wednesday, August 3, 2011


This past Saturday my grandma, cousin and I all went to Canlis restaurant in Seattle to celebrate our three birthdays.

I of course looked like a tourist as I took pictures of everything.

Here are a few photos from the evening

A little wine to start the evening.

The view of lake union from our table.

The fillet medium rare. So delicious.

Happy 80th Birthday Grandma.
(This was her first time at Canlis and was on her bucket list
of restaurants to visit. It was awesome to be with her.)

Following dinner we took a tour of the restaurant and I loved the stairway of old black and white photographs of all the famous people that have eaten there (i.e. movies stars from 50's and 60's).

This is what the restaurant looked like when it first opened back in 1950.

It is an amazing historic Seattle restaurant that I would highly recommend.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


i recently had a journey to anthropologie.

i noticed this book and i couldn't agree with title more.

one day i hope to have a house with at least one wall lined with books.

Monday, July 25, 2011

in celebrating.

This past Thursday was my cousin's 24th birthday.  We got some family together and tried a new Thai food place in the West Seattle Junction.  It probably wasn't the best Thai I've ever had but the decor and vibe of the room was well as the family and friends that came!

Here are some photos

Red Curry


The birthday girl

Sweet wall lighting


With the birthday Girl

in travel. hawaii

I recently go back from a trip to Hawaii...

I have been behind in my blogging so I thought this would be a good first post back!

I spend 5 days soaking up the sun off the beaches of Waikiki.  I spent it with a very close friend and her sister. We had an absolute blast. I will help to summarize the trip via pictures. I hope you enjoy.

Pretty excited about some sunny weather:

My view...couldn't get enough:

Of course I found coffee:

Went parasailing and jet skiing:

Saw pearl harbor:

Bought a new hat:

Went to a luau:

Enjoyed time with friends:

Enjoyed a beverage flavored with pineapple:

And enjoyed the blue skies:

Thursday, July 7, 2011

in cooking: not-your-grandma's chicken

So one of my first night's cooking was a success.
I made a lemon, garlic, oregano chicken dish. 

I feel like photos are a good summary of the process...

At the grocery store
(the man in line behind me probably thought I was a little nuts...
taking a picture of my grocery purchases!)

A few key ingredients!

Here is the "actual title" of the recipe.

The chicken going in the oven.

The chicken coming out of the oven.

Ready to eat.

Some leftovers.

This is a great cook book, I highly recommend it!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

in cooking.

As I settle in to my new studio apartment, one of the areas I am beginning to develop is a fond enjoyment of cooking.  It was never something I really did very much in college or grad school for that matter, but now I am realizing that cooking isn't just a means to an end - eating (although that's certainly a great part), but it is an enjoyable process and dare I say art form. I have purchased two cookbooks, which if my grandmother heard that she'd say, "you didn't need to buy them, I have hundreds!" That is a true statement, but for me purchasing them was a commitment to use them.  I've always heard the expression you value something more when you have to pay for it yourself.  I knew that would be true with these cookbooks, if I purchased them...I would feel more of an urgency to use them.  I will keep you posted on this experience.