Saturday, August 23, 2008

my new home

Well, I'm finally here...after leaving Phoenix on Sunday dad and I arrived in Spokane on Tuesday evening. I was greeted by my wonderful new roomies who helped unload all that I could fit in a two door Cavalier named Connie! Over the next couple days I began the process of making this new place my home. The house is truly a blessing it is in a great area with parks close by to keep my running life alive :)

This is a huge transition in life. It is a place to start not only grad school, but to live in a totally new climate and culture. I am living with some awesome women which is such a blessing! However, it is 1400 miles away from what I have called home for the past 22 years and that brings some sadness in the midst of all the excitement. As I look around at the new grocery stores, streets, and coffee shops it hits that this is my new home...everything is new and different and it will be an adjustment for sure to make this feel like home.

I'm excited about what this next chapter of life will bring and I know that God is penning the pages of the adventure and I'm in process learning to trust the author...

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Jess said...

Oh Elise, it's gorgeous. I'm so happy for you!