Tuesday, October 27, 2009

airport terminals

there is something about spending 5 hours in an airport terminal that ultimately leads one to either dillusion or reflection...my recent airport experience had the latter effect.

this all began on the search for coffee and the coolest destination city.

it was a toss up between gates D7 and D8 Boston and San Francisco.

finally decided D8: San Francisco with luggage, coffee, moleskin, and i pod in hand.

there is something about that black ink hitting the cream colored moleskin page...its beautiful.

honesty flows onto the page helping bring clarity to my random thoughts.

waiting at that gate i realized this whole scenario is some deep analogy for my life right now:

i'm packed and ready for 'the flight'
but it's not even listed on the monitor of departures
...i'm too early.
so i ask if it's possible to fly stand-by on an earlier flight?
but informed ALL flights are full,
until my scheduled departure.
all i can do is wait.
ultimately i don't really want to fly stand-by...
but i can get impatient so i could settle for stand-by
so i wait. i'm obedient.
i'll read, write random thoughts,
drink coffee, and listen to music
and wait.

...airports are seriously the best places to people watch...if you can spend 5 hours in an airport i suggest choosing the sweetest destination spot and enjoy it with coffee, music and a moleskin!

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