Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Twizzlers, Cards, Flying

was flying back to spokane...and the question of who you will end up sitting next to is always like rolling dice...i lucked out...super adorable 3rd grader on his first flight alone...he offered me Twizzlers and asked if i wanted to play cards with him...i said absolutely...except that might have been a mistake when he proceded to "make new rules" to this...code for cheating...but i went along with it for a while until it pretty much became i was forced to hold his feet to the fire on these "RULES"...however he totally redeemed himself at the end of the flight: he proceeded to tell me, "You are a very beautiful woman...I wish I could marry you!" Atta boy...way to melt a girl's heart. He'll be a heartbreaker for sure. Kids are awesome.

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