Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Just another day at work.

Today was a day like no other at work. It all started off having a patient try and become my mother-in-law...she continued to ask about my marital status and said, "Have you met my son? I sure would love to have you as my daughter-in-law." NOT going to happen. Ever!

My day continued on during lunch, as I entered the dinning room. I came across a patient stealing silverware from the others at her table and hiding them in a napkin in her lap. One of the other residents stuck her hand out and asked rather forcefully to have them back. The Silverware Stealer looked at me and says "If she hits me, I'll hit her back!" I was laughing on the inside. The situation was diffused and both patients (with dementia) forgot about the incident 10 minutes later!

I then proceeded to a patients' room to address their dysphagia (difficulty swallowing). The patient had a refrigerator full of milk cartons. I retrieved one of these cartons and realized that the expiration date was a month overdue. I proceeded to eliminate the excess milk cartons. There is something very putrid about rotten milk! Here are just a few of the milk cartons before I disposed of them down the sink.

I concluded my day back in the dinning room. One of my patients is nearing 100 and she was holding hands with another resident who is blind. They are friends and it was just so precious not to capture the moment.

I love my job. I am so glad I am a speech-language pathologist.

(Many of the details were left out for confidentiality and no names or identifying information was used in the production of this blog).

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