Wednesday, July 6, 2011

in cooking.

As I settle in to my new studio apartment, one of the areas I am beginning to develop is a fond enjoyment of cooking.  It was never something I really did very much in college or grad school for that matter, but now I am realizing that cooking isn't just a means to an end - eating (although that's certainly a great part), but it is an enjoyable process and dare I say art form. I have purchased two cookbooks, which if my grandmother heard that she'd say, "you didn't need to buy them, I have hundreds!" That is a true statement, but for me purchasing them was a commitment to use them.  I've always heard the expression you value something more when you have to pay for it yourself.  I knew that would be true with these cookbooks, if I purchased them...I would feel more of an urgency to use them.  I will keep you posted on this experience.


Anonymous said...

Go Goosey! If you're ever interested in baking bread I have a great recipe. I wish I could just drive to your new house and enjoy a meal with you!

being found said...

Oh Yeah, I'd love the recipe! I know I wish I could have you girls over for dinner.