Wednesday, August 3, 2011


This past Saturday my grandma, cousin and I all went to Canlis restaurant in Seattle to celebrate our three birthdays.

I of course looked like a tourist as I took pictures of everything.

Here are a few photos from the evening

A little wine to start the evening.

The view of lake union from our table.

The fillet medium rare. So delicious.

Happy 80th Birthday Grandma.
(This was her first time at Canlis and was on her bucket list
of restaurants to visit. It was awesome to be with her.)

Following dinner we took a tour of the restaurant and I loved the stairway of old black and white photographs of all the famous people that have eaten there (i.e. movies stars from 50's and 60's).

This is what the restaurant looked like when it first opened back in 1950.

It is an amazing historic Seattle restaurant that I would highly recommend.


Cory said...

I hear they have swanky bathrooms.

being found said...

Ha. Yeah they are pretty legit! I should have taken a photo...